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Why Businesses Need SEO? Answering WHYs of SEO

Although there is so much buzz on the Internet and marketing world about SEO but from a common mans perspective and from an eye of a business owner the Benefits and Purposes of SEO are still not clear. Most of us know HOW TO DO SEO? but very few ask WHY DO SEO? and even the handful of SEO gurus(so-called ) can answer this WHY !

In this blog post I will try to present a concise and to-the-point answer to WHY BUSINESSES NEED TO FOCUS ON SEO ?

Some Facts:

1-Over 98% of the consumers use a search engine when they step out into cyber space looking for information. [Note the importance of Internet in lives of people, and what is important to your customer is important for you!]

2-The majority of this 98% choose to use Google.[That is why SEO efforts should be more focused towards Google but not to neglect Yahoo and MSN.]

Point to Ponder !

  • With proper planning and focus you can turn these search engines into your marketing companions. AND THIS IS THE HEART OF SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING AND OPTIMIZATION.

People need something --------> They Go TO Internet ---------->They Use Search Engines----->You can use Search Engines by Various SEO,SEM and Social Media Tactics to promote your business

Most Important Points !

  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization is a way of Business Promotion.
  • It increases your business exposure to potential customers
  • The earlier you move the better are chances for dominating your competitors
  • If the competition is already too hard, do not worry, IT IS NEVER TO LATE, start now for a better future.


Search Engine Marketing and Optimization is not free, BUT !!!

SEO & SEM as compared to other Marketing Methods:

  • It is less expensive as compared to traditional marketing methods.i.e. banner adds, tv and radio commercials etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization provides targeted audience, this means your business is presented to the people willing to look for you !!! This increases your sales .
  • Through Search Engine Marketing and Optimization you do not have to waste time and resources on the people who have no concern with your products, this is the main problem in traditional marketing practices. With Search Engine Marketing and Optimization people find you rather you beg them to have a look at you.!

International Exposure to Businesses:

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization gives you the ability to look for the customers INTERNATIONALLY, you are not just limited to local customers, if you have the right products then there is no limited on customers you can attract.


I have mentioned some obvious facts related to Businesses and SEO & SEM, if you have any other questions related to SEO and SEM feel free to ask.

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Mohsin Khawaja is a Internet Marketing Manager at Intellectual Works.He occasionally writes on various IT topics along with various SEO, SEM and Internet Marketing articles.