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Social Media | An Overview !

Some recent comments on my blog have motivated me to write about social media, social media marketing, and micro-blogging tools like Twitter. Although it would have been much easier for me to just type in the definitions here but I have made a little research for my article and it will now present some up-to-date information on the topic.

Now the basics first; if you want to know:

What is social media?

What is social media marketing?

What is micro-blogging? And some small definitions like this, you should refer to this blog fist for Basic SEO SEM Concepts.

Back to the article now,

Social Media are actually internet communities run and managed by people with no monetary benefits, usually. Likeminded people come here and share their views with people of similar interests and in this way our communication level raises from local to international level, we get reviews from people across the world and in this way we get connected to the world. Actually the world becoming a global village can truly be felt at these internet communities.

Now comes the business and marketing part!!!

Since these communities are free for everyone, so it is natural that we can go in these communities and make friends and recognition there and when we get enough public relations then if we recommend a product there or offer services then it is logically expected that the response will be good because people in real life also like recommendation and this logics works best on internet too. When you are a part of community people usually trust you and any recommendation from you will generate response, which will result in more website visits, more sales or anything you were trying to get.

So basic essence of social media is get recognition and then market you product and services.

The spoilage of Social Media Communities:

At the moment you are reading this lines the many social media communities are fairly old and well established, although new communities are emerging now and then. This concept is nothing new rather unfortunately social media communities and sites are becoming a victim of internet spam, they are being spoiled. It so happens that anyone upon just joining the community starts talking about products and services in a typical sales pitch and causes an annoyance for everyone. And I Must INSIST THAT THIS BEHAVIOUS IS JUST DESTROYING EVERYTHING. And these people are not from Mars, Jupiter or any far off planet they just among us, our friends and they just spoiling the lovely communities. I am not against the business prospects of these communities; I am against the ridiculous attitude of low-level part time web marketers or spammer to be more accurate. Such people are doing no good to community or to the business. It should be avoided and strategies should be improved.

Now I have talked about the concept of social media and social media marketing and how it is being spoiled. I will talk about social media marketing strategies and various available platforms and tools in my coming posts.

Your comments are welcomed, thanks.

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